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Each business and institution has unique requirements to best serve their customers, clients, patients, or students. At St John Engineering, LLC., we pride ourselves on providing innovative solutions to site and facility design which meet the requirements of each client we serve.

Industrial Markets

Each industrial facility has its own distinctive needs for efficient production. At St. John Engineering, LLC, we know that it is essential to understand these needs and work closely with the professionals in the client’s industry to meet those needs with innovative and cost-effective designs for industrial sites and facilities.

Environmental Markets

Navigating a project through federal, state and local environmental regulations and permitting requirements can be a daunting task. Therefore, St. John Engineering, LLC has a team of knowledgeable professionals that can guide you through these regulations and permitting requirements. All the way from site selection through construction for a cost-effective, sustainable, and compliant project, we are here for you.


St. John Engineering, LLC has many years of experience working with several local governments as well as state and federal agencies. Furthermore, we understand the needs and challenges of the public sector and are committed to working alongside those in public service to produce successful programs and projects which sustain and enhance our communities.

Recreational Planning & Design

Recreational facilities significantly impact the quality of life for those having access to them. At St. John Engineering, LLC, we are excited to be a part of developing recreational facilities that will enhance the communities they serve. We serve public sector clients in the design of parks, sports facilities, greenways, campgrounds, and other recreational amenities. In addition to the public sector, we also serve private sector clients in the design of recreational facilities such as campgrounds and vacation rental developments.

Residential Planning & Design

St. John Engineering, LLC has designed multiple residential subdivisions of various sizes from less than ten lots to over 500 lots with multiple phases. We are very familiar with the local communities in southern middle Tennessee. Subsequently, we are well versed in the codes and regulations of these communities. We aim to incorporate the requirements of these codes and regulations to produce a functional and desirable community in which to live while keeping an eye toward cost-effective development practices.

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